Ye Olde Farming

Hey Farmer! I know what you think, it's just another nerd webpage pretending to teach me (me!) the job..
Nothing of that! Firstly before nerd we are farmes like you and we now what takes for the harvest. That's why we have designed our brand new system, to help you. 
You change your tractors every 2,3 or maybe 10 years and you think you are modern. Not at all: the equipment behind your brand new John Deere (or New Holland) are the same in concepts as the one of your father and grandfather. We are in charge of taking you to the new millennium with the space tech for your farm.

Are you ready?!





Precision Farming

We are here to drive you directly in the third millenium. You will be able to check the status of your fields, to know the amount of water needed for your target harvest and how and where act with persticides. Nowadays you have access to a great amount of informations (big data) without the farmers instrument to put them in practice. Our work-drone is THE instrument, check it out here.